• How bright are these LED lights? - Second Sun Lights pack an amazing 6000 Lumens of brightness for superior performance that will light up any living space as if it were daylight.


  • Will I need help installing these LED lights? - No, they are super easy to install and you won’t even need any tools. You just twist them into your light socket like a regular bulb.


  • Are the panels in this light adjustable? - Yes, you can easily fine-tune the angle of each of the 4 independently-adjustable COB panels for whatever lighting need you require.


  • How long will these LED lights last before I need to replace them? - You should get at least 50,000 hours of use with your Second Sun LED Light.


  • Are these LED lights eco-friendly? - Yes. The Second Sun LED Light is energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly. You can feel good about using Second Sun products and feel good knowing how much money you would save over old-school bulbs that just eat up electricity.

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